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The Helius MediaClassroom Live & OnDemand is a fully integrated version of OneTouch technologies. This product brings together the power of the Helius MediaGate platform with a fully interactive live and on-demand training system from OneTouch.

Helius MediaClassroom Datasheet

Users of OneTouch training solutions benefit from this innovative approach to training and learning. Using these technologies with the Helius MediaGate Router 3550 you can collapse several pieces of technology into a seamless, fully digital IP platform. Utilizing OneTouch touchpad technology users are provided full access to their instructors’ materials whether they are consumed live or replayed as required by the participants.

  • OneTouch Live IDL Session
  • OneTouch OnDemand Classroom
  • Controlled classroom participation
  • Recording and anytime access to material
  • Easy to use program guide and web interface
  • Helius product integration & administration
  • Local management of video content