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The Helius MediaStream™ SST is a remote MPEG2 decoder and playback device designed as part of a content delivery network. With unique IP addresses, each Helius MediaStream SST can deliver unique content and gives the user complete control over what and when content is displayed. Local playback is managed through an Electronic Program Guide. Organizations needing to deploy “set top” boxes in conference rooms, employee homes and at retail POS locations can use the Helius MediaStream SST to deliver centrally managed and locally stored content. This solution will enable the customer to deliver custom content directly to the point of display for best results.

Helius MediaStream SST Datasheet

The Helius MediaStream™ SST gives customers the ability to playback multimedia content at remote locations. Using the Helius MediaStream SST with Helius MediaGate customers can control content displayed and change content on the fly, from a central location. Delivering customized content specific to the point-of-display gives customers a distinct advantage of simple broadcast media where all content is the same at all locations.

By combining the Helius MediaStream™ Player with the Helius MediaStream SST, Helius and Helius MediaStream Server, customers can quickly implement an organization-wide video-on-demand and streaming video solution. This solution can be used to deliver digital signage, employee development material, and on demand marketing information for customers. By combining the power and flexibility of the open standards based Helius solution, customers can integrate these technologies into their existing networks without replacing or reconfiguring existing network infrastructures.

  • Dedicated MPEG Hardware Decoder
  • Video File Playback
  • Live and Stored Content
  • Unique addressing for control
  • Local Playback control via IR Remote and Electronic Program Guide
  • Remote boot configurable
  • Video Looping
  • Playlists