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The Helius MediaGate Router 4550 is a DVB receiver, IP compliant router, and open application server that enables the integration of IP network services over satellite and terrestrial networks. Based on open standards, the solution enables the simple, secure and reliable delivery of other applications such as software updates, dynamic digital signage, streaming video, and much more.

Helius MediaGate Router 4550 Datasheet

How can an organization make the most of their interactive distance learning investment?  In an effort to make best-of-breed applications available on the Helius MediaGate Router platform, Helius has partnered with OneTouch to create a consolidated platform that supports the requirement for “live” and “on-demand” learning.  Utilizing Helius’ MediaClassroom Live or OnDemand packs, built using OneTouch integrated technologies, the 4550 can be used as an interactive distance learning controller. The Helius MediaGate Router 4550 simplifies access and management of remote locations for all of your interactive distance learning sessions.  

In addition, the Helius MediaGate Router enables simple, secure and reliable integration of converging networks including satellite DVB broadband, terrestrial IP broadband (ISDN, Cable, xDSL etc) and Ethernet data networks. It further provides the ability to receive and store data for on-demand delivery to workstations. The Helius MediaGate Router provides an IP multicast solution for distributing data to the desktop or other locations.

  • Browser based configuration and management
  • Role based administration
  • Unicast/Multicast Routing Support
  • Unified presentation of DVB and IP content
  • Force Tune and Force Record Admin controls from MediaGate Server
  • Full transponder support
  • Receive on multiple interfaces simultaneously
  • 10/100 Ethernet Support (Optional GB Ethernet)
  • Auto-reroute on Signal Loss
  • Content Storage for on-demand delivery
  • SNMP for Enterprise Management
  • Support for Industry standard applications like VoIP, Web Apps etc