SCORM is an acronym for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, the technical specifications that govern how online or web-based training, also known as "e-learning," is created and distributed to a targeted audience of learners. With so many instructors and business people using the global power of the Internet to deliver various educational messages, The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (OUSD P&R) was assigned the task of leading a collaborative initiative that would implement streamlined and standardized guidelines to govern e-learning. To that end, the OUSD P&R sponsored Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), the organization responsible for developing and implementing electronic learning technology based upon a collaborative effort between private and public sectors to enable access to the highest quality online learning aids in a cost effective and efficient manner. Many industry experts were consulted in the creation and the ongoing maintenance of SCORM specifications.
In 2000, SCORM was created by the ADL and has since become the industry standard for e-learning on a global scale. The most recently released version is SCORM 2004, and anyone involved in the development and distribution of online learning has been encouraged to become SCORM compliant. The two key elements required to facilitate e-learning are the instructional materials, or content, and a Learning Management System (LMS) that maintains the student's transcripts and tracks their progress. Content that is created using SCORM compliant software programs operates efficiently and seamlessly with SCORM conformant LMS software to create the most effective online learning environment.
Using standardized software languages such as ECMA and XML scripts, SCORM dictates the technical specifications for creating e-learning. SCORM does not dictate the specifics of the learning content, nor does it govern the instructional design or visual appearance. SCORM operates in the background to make everything work together compatibly to create the highest quality online educational experience.
PointeCast Publisher is a SCORM compliant PowerPoint plug in that allows users to easily convert new and existing educational PowerPoint presentations into Macromedia Flash formatted and Internet-ready presentations. In addition to being SCORM certified and all the benefits related to SCORM compliance, PointeCast Publisher enables online e-learning content creators to enhance their PowerPoint presentations with their own audio narration, flash movies, and interactive quizzes and surveys with extremely user friendly navigational controls.
It is very easy to use PointeCast Publisher to automatically convert your PowerPoint demonstrations, courses, and presentations. There are many benefits to using SCORM compliant PointeCast Publisher to distribute e-learning materials. When the software is installed, a new menu is added to the standard PowerPoint menu bar, enabling content creators to easily convert their presentations and take advantage of the enhancements offered by PointeCast Publisher right from within PowerPoint. This includes the ability to incorporate audio narration that can be synchronized with animations and the ability to include a convenient clickable table of contents.
SCORM compliant content created with PointeCast Publisher can easily be uploaded into any web-based SCORM certified Learning Management System (LMS), including PointeCast Portal. Creating presentations, courses, and demonstrations using PointeCast Publisher, and then uploading them to a SCORM compliant LMS such as PointeCast Portal, creates an online learning environment with advanced management, tracking, and distribution features.
Many software developers already offer SCORM compliant e-learning programs. Several software companies offer SCORM consulting services to make the process of creating a SCORM compliant e-learning environment easy and hassle free. Although becoming SCORM certified and creating a SCORM compliant e-learning environment can be a rather in-depth process, partial SCORM conformance should be avoided, and both the content and LMS should be SCORM compliant in order to reap all the benefits of compatibility and interoperability.

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